The journey to transform your organization’s culture, by energizing your workforce and empowering your leaders, begins here.

“The only way to build a Culture of Excellence is to Begin With WE. There is no substitution for conspicuously stating and then aligning on the principles that fuel the organization. The result of this alignment is a team with an unshakable bond and resolve to embrace (and conquer) the biggest challenges in business.”


Using The 10 WEs, Kyle McDowell’s trademarked principles for building and sustaining Cultures of Excellence, will reignite the passion and purpose your team members once carried so proudly. His framework crushes mediocrity and removes the dysfunction much of the corporate world has grown to simply accept. Learn how nearly three decades of experience leading tens of thousands of employees at some of the biggest companies in the United States could impact your business.



In his USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller, Begin With WE, Kyle examines the root causes of dysfunction in business, highlighting the plague of a “me-oriented” paradigm, and provides the remedy with his framework, The 10 WEs.

Transform apathy into optimism and fear into fulfillment with this real-world guide for creating authentic leaders and higher-performing teams.

In both business and sports, exceptional results are only delivered via exceptional teams. Begin With WE  cracks the code for leaders to deliver both. Kyle’s guiding principles will inspire from the ballpark to the office park.

- Kevin Kiermaier

MLB outfielder, three-time Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner, one-time Platinum Glove Award winner

McDowell has created a framework that allows everyone on the team to come as they are and deliver their best work. His candid approach is refreshing and speaks to the hearts and minds of all leaders. Begin With WE  uses vivid storytelling and real-life examples to inspire people leaders to be their best.

- Harry Kraemer

Professor of Leadership, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Former Chairman and CEO, Baxter International

Whether you’re an athlete, coach, intern, or CEO, Begin With WE  is a must read for anyone looking to build a high performing team and inspire others to deliver at their highest potential.

- Monte Kiffin

NFL Coaching Legend & Super Bowl Champion

Begin With WE  is the perfect roadmap for leaders with a genuine desire to deliver their best work while inspiring others to do the same. McDowell leverages his unique background and cultural transformation experiences in some of the biggest companies in the world to deliver insight that is lost on so many of today’s leaders. The right book at the right time.

- Phillip Stutts

Founder & CEO, Win Big Media

Begin With WE  recognizes the impact of starting ‘behind the curtain,’ developing a standard for all leaders to follow. McDowell masterfully created an environment where each team member aspired to deliver their best and worked with a purpose greater than themselves. Creating that environment would be a great accomplishment with any team. But in a large geographically dispersed team it became the critical ethos that drove the team to very high levels of performance. The 10 WE’s were the foundation for that success.

- Tom Romeo

Former President & General Manager, Maximus Federal (Retired)



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