Kyle McDowell helps you look inward, level-up your leaders, and create massive change within your organization by bringing your workplace culture into the future.

The workforce is overwhelmed, employees feel unappreciated and apathetic while firms are struggling to attract and retain great talent – all because they don’t realize the key to their teams’ best performance lies in their ability to unite people through a shared vision.

The old leadership playbook, which largely relied on fear, command, and control, is outdated and ineffective. The 2020s came with a radical and fundamental shift in how to effectively and authentically lead. While the leader’s role has evolved, many organizations lack the resources and know-how to equip leaders with the tools and techniques needed to inspire and motivate their teams. 

Now more than ever, companies need fundamental principles to not only provide the framework for how the team treats one another, but also how the team treats those they serve externally. Adopting these principles enables a heightened sense of teamwork, tighter connections within the team, and a system to hold the team accountable in a way that motivates and inspires, rather than discouraging their work creativity, sense of purpose, and work ethic.

With offerings ranging from organizational assessments to C-Level coaching, a partnership with Kyle McDowell Inc. will unleash a passion and purpose that can only be defined as a Culture of Excellence. 





“I’ve always considered it a privilege to lead large organizations and have remained steadfast in my belief that empowering and inspiring others is a leader’s obligation. Investing in WE, instead of me, will give your leaders the freedom and resources needed to perform at their highest level.”

Training - The 10 WEs Way

Culture and leadership transformations are like a giant battleship. They can be very effective, but they don’t change directions quickly, and they require a lot of coordination. The best way to build a Culture of Excellence is to Begin With WE.

And the only way to Begin With WE is via The 10 WEs.

There is no substitution for conspicuously stating and then aligning on the principles that fuel your organization. The result of this alignment is a team with an unshakable bond and resolve to embrace and conquer the biggest challenges in business. Begin With WE training is an incredibly effective way to energize your leaders with the power of WE.

Target Audience: All people leaders

Time Commitment: Four hours

Classes Held: Virtually or location of your choice (highly recommended)

Outcome: Successful completion of this dynamic and inspiring course results in a WE-Certification.

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Organizational Assessment

Having an independent third party explore “behind the curtain” of your organization can be a remarkably enlightening experience. Our team partners with your leaders to understand your organization’s strengths and needs. Our Organizational Assessment produces actionable intelligence and identifies risks and potential blindspots as well as untapped (or lost) passion.

The Assessment is also an effective tool for identifying candidates for Executive and Management Coaching partnerships with Kyle McDowell Inc.

Target Audience: Leadership teams at the functional or organizational level

Commitment: Each member of the Leadership team as well as the Leader of the team (typically VP, SVP, or C-Suite) participate in one 60 to 90-minute conversation. 

Outcome: After conversations are complete, a detailed summary of observations as well as recommendations are shared either with the leader or all participants in a safe, group setting.

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Leadership Coaching & Development

Propel your leadership team to new heights! We quickly build strong connections and foster meaningful collaboration among leaders of all levels of your organization. Coaching partnerships use real-life, real-time scenarios as the roadmap to deliver stronger, more authentic leaders. Leaning into the principles covered in Begin With WE, your leaders will have an opportunity to reaffirm proven leadership techniques or embark on a leadership transformation, stressing the benefits of a WE-oriented culture, delivered via regular one-to-one coaching sessions.

Target audience: Director, Sr. Director, VP, SVP, C Suite

Commitment: Each coaching partnership is tailored to the needs of the leader and organization. Typical partnerships involve one to two one-hour long conversations per month, for a predetermined number of months. 

Our promise: If after two coaching sessions, your leader isn’t inspired to be great, we will refund your coaching fees.

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