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Reignite Your Teams with Passion and Purpose

Kyle’s passion for people and leadership development is incredibly inspiring and contagious, especially when witnessed firsthand. Now more than ever, employees are disconnected and disengaged, and most leaders are stuck using management approaches from decades passed. Delivered with a level of authenticity rarely seen in today’s Corporate America, a bespoke keynote from Kyle not only changes the way your organization views their roles, but also opens their hearts and minds to a more fulfilling personal and professional life.  

While the 10 WEs serve as the foundation for every keynote, the messaging and theme delivered are tailored to address the state of your organization’s “cultural evolution.” Through a series of pre-event meetings, Kyle and his team work with your event planners and leaders to craft a message catered specifically for your event participants. 

Whether delivered in-person or virtually, a keynote from Kyle enables a transition from cultural apathy, to open-mindedness, to absolute conviction and unites people in an organization through a strong set of fundamental principles – The 10 WEs.

Kyle delivered a keynote address at our annual all-hands conference. Hands down, he was the highlight of our two-day event. His energy, authenticity, and passion are contagious. His talk was the catalyst for a cultural change and we’ve incorporated many of his principles into our organization.

- Aaron Davis

CEO, Florida Agency Network

Years after he departed our company, we had Kyle back to deliver a 10 WE “refresher” keynote. His message remains unique and undeniably powerful. A truly inspiring 90-minutes.

- Julia Willis

VP of Operations, Maximus

Kyle’s principles vividly came to life during his keynote to my company. Although he joined us online, in a virtual setting, Kyle was still able to connect with every member of the team. His message is incredibly relatable and totally inspiring. He had a huge impact on Win BIG!

- Phillip Stutts

Founder & CEO of Win BIG Media

Kyle has a gravity that pulls in the audience and leaves them wanting more. He was the keynote speaker at our annual leadership summit and his message was timely, powerful, and incredibly inspirational.

- Rob Gofourth

Former Executive BlueCross BlueShield

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